Robotic Integration

Fanuc Robot LR Mate 200iD 7L

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Guillotine Shears

Powered – Art 334

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Tooling & Machines

Reconditioned Worcester Press

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The Standard 30-Ton

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Augsburg Engineering Machine Tools

Augsburg Engineering Limited has many years’ experience as a supplier of machine tools. Our years of employee experience contributes towards our ability to source and distribute the solution to your problem. We work with a team of robotic manufacturers to create integrated automated machine tool solutions. Our customer base is wide and diverse, supplying either direct or via distributors to the defence, aerospace, marine engineering, educational, airline, rail, motor and mechanical engineering industries as well as freight, construction and civil engineering.We are also able to manufacture machines to your requirements.

World Class Suppliers

90% of products are sourced from engineering suppliers – that’s where Augsburg can help.

Solving Engineering Problems

Our expertise in this field enables us to assist in solving engineering problems, much of our equipment can save your company time in manufacturing applications providing cost-reducing solutions such as the use of quick changeover, lean manufacturing and SMED solutions.

Press brakes

CNC Trimming and beading machine

Hand spinning lathe

Applications & Use

Pipe and Tube Working

Tube Cut-Off, Punching, Pipe Bending and End Forming Machines

These are typically used in the manufacture of frames for furniture, automotive and defence manufacturing sectors.

Tube and Pipe Fabrication Machines

We offer a selection of tube, pipe and bar working across industries.

End Forming Machines

Are used to reduce the ends of tubes, e.g. bicycle, automotive, medical equipment and leisure industries, reducing manufacturing costs by eliminating processes.

Metal Forming


Shearing machines cut ferrous and non-ferrous material. Used in sheet metal workshops, shipyards and training colleges / universities.

Box and Pan Folders

These machines are designed for the folding of angles in sheet metal, an example is for the production of ducting.

Eccentric Press

The eccentric press is a mechanical action machine for a multiplicty of pressing applications within the pipe and tube working, metalworking and metal forming applications.


We also supply drilling machines, these are used in a wide range of industries for all kinds of applications.

Metal Working

Swaging / Beading Machines and Jennying / Flanging Machines

The process of a swaging machine is to deform material using radial forces, either in sheet metal or preformed circular components including tube – mild / stainless steel and non-ferrous materials.

Bending Rolls

These machines are used to bend radii and curved sections across sheet metal.

Press Brakes

Forming machines have been developed from mechanical to hydraulic power. Vertical stroke between top tool and die form material. Machinery can also be used for punching and special purpose applications, e.g. bicycle parts, electronic chassis’ and power forming of box and pan work.

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