Guillotine Shears – Art 321

These Guillotine Shears are of a sturdy and compact structure and perfect construction, this means accurate heavy-duty work. Without excessive effort, clean and accurate cuts can be made over the whole width due to optimum balancing and perfect machine building. The machine is equipped with reverse blade, made of special steel. The movable blade is guided by two adjustable gibs in order to eliminate the play which may occur after a long use. Due to its considerable performance and versatility, this shear can easily replace a motor-driven shear for small and medium series.

Standard equipment: 2 front extensions – 1 movable rule – 1 rear gauge – front-side safeguards.

[Product Reference: Art 321]
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Technical Specifications

Code Name BLIZ MEC
Useful length mm 1050 1350
For sheet thickness R = 40 kg/mm2 up to mm 1.2 1
Table  Dimensions mm 1110×290 1410×290
Adjustment of gauge mm


500 500
Weight circa kg 320 365
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