Hand Bottom Slip Bending Rolls – Art 285 bis / 286 bis

The hand bottom slip bending roll is a forming machine it features 3 hand-operated rolls. Upper roll can be disengaged; it is provided with a longitudinal groove for bending of the ends that are to be joined. Also, conical forming is possible. lower and rear roll are provided with grooves for rolling beaded pieces or iron rods. It can be adjusted to make tubes of different diameters. The minimum diameter obtainable at maximum sheet thickness corresponds to two or three times the diameter of the upper roll.

On request the machine can be supplied without base.

[Product Reference: Art 285 bis Rotolbis / Rotasbis / Romabis / Roccabis / Amasbis / Torerbis / Tobisbis / Sibibis / Soniabis / Rol / Rolbis and Art 286 bis Rodinabis / Specialbis / Rosellabis / Rosedabis]
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Technical Specifications

Useful length mm 1020 1220 1520 2020
Diameter of rolls mm 90x90x90 90x90x90 90x90x100 90x90x100
For sheet thickness R = 40 kg/mm2 up to mm 3 2.5 2 1.5
Weight circa kg 375 425 470 580
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