Hand Lever Shearing Machines – Art 308

Art 308, Art 308 bis and Art 308 p.s.

The Hand Lever Shearing Machines table is made of planet cast-iron in a sturdy and strongly ribbed construction. Backstops for parallel and inclined cut, as well as rear gauges for a right-angle cut. Adjustment device and spring-type gauges operated by cranking handle and screw. Lever-type sheet hold down, easy to handle. Special steel blades. The lever is well adjusted and balanced for the execution of easy and perfect cuts. The base is rigidly fixed and connected by means of a tie rod.

[Product Reference: Art 308 Diana, Art 308 bis Elbabis / Ederabis / Elicabis and Art 308 p.s. Elka / Eta / Esedra]


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Technical Specifications

Useful length mm 750 1020 1020
For sheet thickness R = 40 kg/mm2up to mm 1 1.5 2
Total projection of gauge mm 380 550 550
Weight circa kg 230 390 420
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