Powered Guillatine Sheers (heavy duty) – Art 334

The Powered Guillatine  Sheers has a enbloc frame, made of electrically welded steel sheets. Coupling and self-adjustable pneumatic brake; with remote control by pedal-operated pushbuttons; possibility of presetting single stroke or continuous cycle operation. Upper one-piece blade-holder made of high-resistance steel holder guided on wall sides on large adjustable gibs. Reverse blades with two cutting edges made of special steel, with minimum inclination to obtain a clean cut without deformation also of very narrow strips. The sheet down holder is of the rigid type and allows a perfect holding of the metal sheet, even in case of differences in thickness or light ondulations of the sheet. The single rams are equipped with inserts of Neoprene. The recess in the uprights allows subsequent cutting of indefinite long stnps having a width corresponding to the depth of the recess. Centralized lubrication with delivery of oil to all moving machine components. The machines are provided with a pedal operating device having low-voltage tension.

Standard equipment: 2 front extensions -2 fixed rules – 1 movable rule -1 rear gauge – set of spanners.

Extra accessories: possibility of motor-drive for the rear gauge with front reading of movements – device lighting the line of cutting.

[Product Reference: Art 334]
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Technical Specifications



Useful length  mm 2050 2550
For sheet thickness R = 40 kg/mm2 up to mm 4.7 4
Depth of groove mm 500 500
Adjustment of gauge mm 500 500
Cuts per min n. 60 60
Horsepower of motor kW 4 4
Weight circa kg 3800 4100
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