Box and Pan Folders and Press Brakes

Hydraulic Universal Folding Machine – Art 290 OL

Hydraulic Universal Folding Machine – This is a bending machine of the 290 OL series are machines which are operated completely by oleodynamic power steel construction, suitable for all bending operations. The movement of the head is carried out by two cylinders; parallelism is ensured by a sturdy torsion bar. The tilting device for the table

Box and Pan Folding Machine – Art 288s

Box and Pan Folding Machine this Bending machine has been designed on the basis of the machine art. 288 and is provided with a clamping device blades made up of single sections. The single sections, which are multiples of 25 mm, are fitted to the upper bar. After having assembled all single sections, the machine

Universal Power & Geared Folding Machines – Art. 291 and 291 mot

The structure of this Universal Power & Geared Folding Machine is very sturdy in order to ensure maximum stiffness also under heavy working stress. The uprights are an enbloc casting which is adequately ribbed. All rotating parts are running in ball bearings and consequently, the opening and closing operation do not require much effort. The

Universal Bending Machines – Art 290 and 290 mot

Of very sturdy construction, these universal bending machines are used for most different bending operations, both for right-angle and round-angle bending. They are used for building steel-section furniture, for producing section iron and for containers, etc. All parts of the machine, which are subject to stress, are adequately ribbed and strengthened. The machine bed can

Universal Geared and Power Folding Machines – Art 289 mot

Universal Geared and Power Folding Machine are motor-driven bending machines these machines are of very sturdy construction, suited for all bending operations. The vertical stroke is carried out by bevel gears and trapezoidal drive screw. The slewing table is balanced by an adjustable counterweight in order to make operation very easy. A special lockring allows

Universal Bending Machine – Art 288 / 289 bis

Universal Bending Machine these Machines are built with the criteria of maximum accuracy and sturdiness and can easily be adjusted. The vertical stroke is effected by means of bevel gears and trapezoidal screws; operation is done by a crank-handle. A lockring allows fixing of the table in the desired position. Standard Equipment: 1 off 45° blade – 1 off

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