Circular Shearing, Seam Folding & Wheeling Machines

Seam Folding Machines

These Seam Folding Machines are suitable for seaming both inside and outside. Easy to handle for perfect operation. The pressure roll is lowered by turning the lever which is within easy reach of the operator. Coupling of the speed drive unit is affected by a universal joint. The control is carried out by a double

Wheeling and Raising Machine – Type 373/24 and 373/42

Machine Features: Capacity 1.6mm Mild Steel, Aluminium 3.2mm Massive cast frame Easy top adjustment feature Quick release lever to lower roller Top and bottom wheels swivel Wheels fitted with large size ball bearings includes top wheel and three lower wheels standard wheels supplied 10″, 5.25″ and 3.25″ Radius Technical Data: 373/24 Reach 600mm Top roll

Universal Beading / Circular Shearing Machines – 300 Series

Art 300 illustrated  Universal Beading and Circular Shearing Machines offer Sturdiness, utility and easy handling: these are the essential features of these beading machines. For building, best material and first class ball bearings have been used. The shafts run on self-lubricating bushings. All transmission elements are arranged inside the frame to prevent any danger to

Universal Beading / Circular Shearing Machines – Manual – Art 280 / 282

Art 280 / 282 illustrated Universal Beading and Circular Shearing Machines these allow beading of large edges without excessive effort, because they are provided with simple back gear having gears. The 282 machines are similar to the 280 series but are provided with a device for transforming them in sturdy circular shears. This device can be

Automatic Circular / Ring Shearing – ICS1000 & ICS1400

Automatic Circular / Ring shearings are custom designed and built to order the circle shearing equipment is suitable for piece part and production support for the jobbing shop; metal spinner, press worker, general metal worker & steel stockholder. Speed of cut, workpiece handling and cut part enable volume production. Machines are provided with; automatic hold down, sheet support, fold

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