Corner Notching Tools and Cut Off Machines

“LH” Series Single Blade Cut-Off Dies

“LH” Series Single Blade Cut-Off Dies – These single blade cutoff dies are designed for dimple-free cuts on square and rectangular tubing (or dimpled cuts on rounds). The LHP may be upgraded at a later date with the horizontal blade mechanism to have full capacity for dimple-free cutting on round tubing. Die blocks and blades can be

“P” Series Two Blade Cut-Off Dies

For use in your own punch press The “P” Series Two Blade Cut-Off Dies is for dimple-free cutting of tubing, these dies are designed for use in your punch press. This two-blade method produces cuts on round tubing with no deformation and minimal burr. A slug, (not chips), is produced, from .06″ to .125 ” thick depending

Angle Iron “V” Notch & Flat Stock Corner Notch Units

The Angle Iron “V” Notch and Flat Stock units are heavy duty self-contained units with resharpenable inserts for making 90-degree corners in angle iron and flat stock. Special angles and larger sizes are available. Click here to view other products

Structural Tool Rods, Angle Iron, Flat Stock and Shapes

Shears for heavy duty applications Structural Tool Rods, Angle Iron, Flat Stock and Shapes these scrapless shears may be used to cut rod, angle iron or flat stock. Three capacity ranges are currently available, each with a standard housing and interchangeable inserts. All units are designed for stationary recutting applications but may be modified for

Custom Side Notch Die

Custom Side Notch Die this is an example of our custom die capabilities. Similar to a V-Notch die, this die can be custom built for specific applications where the size of the holes are too large to be pierced in an arbor piercing die or where large windows must be pierced in tubing. Please send

V-Notching Standard Unsupported [Rear Wall Intact]

The “V” Notching units can notch square or rectangular tubing up to the unit’s maximum capacity. The tube is automatically clamped before notching, to prevent the side walls from bulging outward during the notch. The units come complete with one set of tooling for one size and wall (advise when ordering). Front spacers are changed

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