Tube End Cut-off Dies and Machines

Mitre-Snug Units

For mitering round, square, oval or rectangular tubing to at one specific angle. Mitre-Snug units – Specify notched tube O.D. & gauge, and angle of miter. A drainhole may also be notched at the same time, if desired. Mitre-Snug units produce clean accurate mitred joints that do not require the deburring that is associated with saw or

Arc-Snug “Angular” Units

To notch tubes to fit another tube at a specific angle, for a snug gap-free fit up. Arc-Snug “Angular” Units – Specify notched tube O.D. & gauge, mating tube O.D. and angle of intersection. A drainhole may also be notched at the same time, if desired. You can purchase multiple punch & die assemblies and swap them in

Arc-Fit “Angular” Units

The Arc-Fit “Angular” tool produces a consistent accurate notch in pipe. Because this tool stamps out the notch, each tool is dedicated to a specific tube or pipe size at a specific angle. You can purchase multiple punch & die assemblies and swap them in our Arc-Fit angular housing to accomodate additional angles or material

Econo Arc-Fit

#25 & #25A Econo Arc-Fit The Econo Arc-Fit notcher is low cost, complete tool for thin-wall pipe, as typically used by the fence industry. This is ideal for lower-volume notching, such as hobby and prototype work or as an excellent starter tool for fence manufacturers. For more versatility or when higher production of standard weight pipe is required, we

Arc-Twin Hydraulic Self-Contained Machines

The Arc-Twin Hydraulic Self-Contained Machines are perfect when you wish to create a compact fabrication cell, or can devote your punch press to other higher-value work. These machines have an approx. 3 – 4 second cycle time. Tooling is easily changeable without removing the die from your press.     Click here to view other products

Arc-Twin Standard and Tandem Units

The Arc-Twin notches both sides of pipe or tube ends for t-joints with only one stroke of the press. There is no deformation, minimal burr, and the tool creates a slug, not chips, so your part is ready for welding or brazing. Notching time per tube or pipe end is as fast as you can

Arc-Fit “Right-Angle” Standard Units

To notch with the Arc-Fit method you need a housing, assemblies for each size tube or pipe notching application and a press (hand or power). The Arc-Fit method is a simple and dependable way to create notches in pipe or tubing, slots and many other types of end notches. The tooling consists of housings and

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