RMT Gabro Bench Presses

AMT Air Toggle Presses are designed for reliable high speed piercing, forming, cutting, trimming, coining and assembly operations. They combine efficient air operation, rugged construction and reliable safety features to provide top value compared to small hydraulic or air clutch presses.

Generous cast iron frames resist deflection and main­tain accuracy. Rams are fully guided in adjustable Vee gibs for precision alignment and long tool life. Dependable opera­tion is also assured by large pivot shafts and bronze bear­ings. Large die space accommodates a variety of tooling and all beds have an opening for slug or part separation.

Removable fibreglass covers enclose the working com­ponents to deter unnecessary adjustments, yet provide easy access. Standard machines are safety guard actuated and a variety of optional controls are easily added at any time.

Wide range of sizes is available to suit every applica­tion – 10 standard models ranging from 3- to 20-ton, plus the 6-ton rotary table model.

Powerful Toggle Design

All presses are entirely air operated. The toggle action is powered by a unique adjustable stroke air cylinder. Shop line pressure is multiplied to obtain up to 24 tons of ram force. A convenient hand-wheel adjusts the stroke length permitting higher speed operation. Air line mufflers provide quiet operation. Since there is no motor, clutch or brake to adjust, you can be assured of years of trouble-free service.


Heavy cast iron bodies resist deflection and absorb shock. Close tolerance shafts and bronze bearings provide long tool life. All work­ing components are mounted inside the frame and protected by a sound-absorbing fibreglass cover.


The ram is guided in adjustable VEE gibs for precision die alignment. High repeat accuracy is provided by positive stop at each end of the stroke. Dies are bolted to the ram and the T­slotted bed. Ample ram adjustment permits fast, accurate final depth setting.

RMT Gabro Bench Press Full details

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